Designer Chain "Automatic", by Calvaneo 1583

Milled stainless steel designer necklace pendant with integrated automatic movement with open unrest and double sight glass

Calvaneo 1583
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Calvaneo 1583 Uhren

exclusive German watch designer jewelery

Experience unique and exclusive design watches jewelry

Calvaneo Jewellery! This is an exclusive fancy design jewelry watches for lover or lovers. It offers unique jewelry made ​​of steel in combination with real automatic movements (caliber) with open heart, trapped behind glass. A highly exclusive highlight for every watch enthusiast.

Description of item:

· Women / Men (Unisex) Pendants CNC machined from solid polished stainless steel
· Trapped GENUINE more visible automatic movement with open heart
· Both sides mounted sight glass to the full view of the movement
· clockwork shows no more time - but sometimes a viable mechanism (Used for jewelry purposes)
· 32 x 22 mm in diameter
· Standard delivery with 50 cm "dogtag" necklace. EXP
approximately 3.0 mm chains (silver, steel, rubber, etc.)

· Delivery Calvaneo Jeweler Jewelry Box

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